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about us

Red River Property Maintenance has been serving the Moab area since 2020. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience and pride ourselves on being honest, great communicators, and fairly priced. We are fully insured to protect your interests and promise to treat your property like our own.


We offer a wide variety of services to make sure your property is ready for anything. Whether its a last minute wedding, or a store grand opening, we offer a little bit of everything at a fair price. Call us today with any questions, and thank you for considering us for your project!

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you offer Lawn Care and Regular Maintenance?
    We are not accepting new clients for Lawn Care and Maintenance at this time. Please check back later for more information.
  • What is Ozone?
    Ozone is a naturally-occuring gas and if you enjoy the smell of thunder storms, you've already experienced ozone first hand! Other than the smell, its also very good at cleaning and removing odors! Just one treatment can reduce or eliminate pet odors, smoke, mold, and even sanitize the air. We offer Ozone treatments for cars, houses, apartments, hotel rooms, and even dog houses so you can enjoy a fresh, clean smell everywhere you go.
  • What is Line Striping?
    You've probably never thought about them, but you interact with them every day! Parking lot lines are what gives us structure when we go shopping and prevent a ton of dented doors and fender benders. A special paint is used that can put up with the abuse and wear that comes with vehicles rolling over the paint all day. This paint usually lasts for 3-5 years, depending on use, before needing a fresh coat. Dont forget about the law! The Americans with Disabilities Act states that handicapped spots need to be clearly marked and not following these laws opens up your business to liability and law suits.
  • Do You Offer Free Quotes?
    We try to offer free quotes whenever possible, however if your project is large or requires an excessive amount of driving, we may have to charge a small fee that can always be applied towards your project.
  • What Tree Services Do You Offer?
    We are not licensed arborists, we do however have the ability to remove standing or fallen trees up to 30 feet. The tree must be free of power lines and we need to be able to access it from a nearby street for disposal. By request we can also chop it up and stack it for firewood.
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